daytrading #forex #forextrading #forextips #forexstrategy #simpleforextrading SIMPLE FOREX TRADING STRATEGY – WHO IS IN PROFIT? My simple forex …


  1. Hi Stacey – quick one: you seem never to overlay EMA's. Do they play any part in your assessments for taking a trade? Is it just as stripped back as HOD/LOD, YH,YL, etc? Thanks and as always, great job.

  2. Stacey whats up brother!!! Long time man you're looking good and sharp as usual. Not sure if you remember me I helped get you some indicators back in the day, one you used it was the all sessions box with pip total in the corner indicator. Anyways I miss your content and now that I have a better understanding of trading, your channel doesn't seem like a foreign language to me lol hope all is well bro and we all appreciate everything you do!!

  3. Great stuff Stacey! Looking at the GBP pairs right now and yes, "Who is in profit" is a great first question to ask oneself. Another addition to the strategy. And you're right, these setups do show up again and again.


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