Sign Up Here For Notifications – A while a go I announced I’d get around to creating some Betfair trading courses …


  1. Hi Caan, absolute beginner. How should I start?Get your book and then video pack or both in tandem. Also should I stay totally clear of trading until I've absorbed both book and video pack?
    Going through your excellent free YouTube videos and website at the moment.

  2. hiya caan

    please could i be added to your list for courses as i would love to be able to participate. I am looking to go into sports trading as i am currently match betting.

    many thanks

    Andy McDonough

  3. Mr Caan Berry i would like to do one of these courses and also get your video pack at some point, probably next year for me as wrong side of christmas to be honest. just wondering though where about in the country will these courses be taking place as for me i live in Birmingham and would imagine i would have to do a bit of traveling to said course


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