It doesn’t matter what Price Action trading strategy you choose to use, to be a successful trader, you still need to know exactly how the market works, and why …


  1. I’ve been watching your video to learn about the stock market. From watching you, I would stay away from this stock: SHLO: Shiloh Industries Inc. HOWEVER, people are still buying it at even 110% above open. Am I not understanding how this works? Isn’t the rubber man supposed to be dying? This must be one of those, one in a million times. Thank you for your video.

  2. yes it's a complete AAHHAA moment for me. I just wondering why this webinar time is 1 hour because in my experience its just like 10 Minutes. I need more webinar like this. Well Thanks Navin. God bless you dear.

  3. I can understand clearly what Navin is conveying, and I am able to understand cuz I have gone through 4CB course. Dont try this without 4cb course cuz lot more information needed which is explained in depth in 4cb course else you will burn yourself badly.

  4. If you are still thinking "what should I do now" you probably should not be trading with real money at all. What you ought to be doing is educating yourself and practicing.


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