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  1. It depends on what team you are in. I'm in a team that focuses more on trading but that doesn't mean that IBOs are not include. IBOs are only 45% while the rest are customers which is a good thing to me as well

    And IBO fee is $25

  2. As an Epic scholar i can assure you we are a trading university first and foremost. We don't push customers to join the affiliate program, but of course getting the education for free, on top of earning a second residual income, is a HUGE push on their own…. I am strictly a scholar myself until i feel comfortable teaching others and helping them succeed themselves.

    Every si gle company in the world is a pyramid scheme. At least here we can put in the work towards our own dreams. Not someone elses.

  3. This is such an obvious ponzi. People only earning from recruiting people into their 'academy ' how can you endorse this? They give you weekly trading tips for $99 a month but waive it if you recruit more people. The numbers don't add up. The people involved will just be interested in team building and not the education, it's not sustainable. The attrition will be crazy and it will crumble.

  4. Hi Jesse The customer cost will be $99 per month and the IBO will be $24.99 per month. I am locked in and anyone can ask me questions. There is a volume percentage plan in operation to make sure that there are sufficient pure customers to keep everything OK. Terry Till


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